Cancellation Courtesy:

We understand if you have to reschedule your treatment. As a courtesy to our guests and staff, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment. Our therapists are dedicated to their clients for the full time allotted for a service. Therefore cancellations within 24 hours will be charged 50% of the scheduled service. Sunday and Monday treatments must be cancelled the Friday prior to the appointment.

LED (Light emitting Diode):  Used to promote healing & to treat different skin-related conditions such as acne, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.  Increases collagen, reduces inflammation, smooths, and has an overall lifting effect improving tone & texture.  Includes a facial peel.   45 minutes

$100.00  each  or a series of 6 for $540.00

Therapeutic Facial: Includes analysis of the skin, surface and deep cleansing, exfoliation of any dead built up skin cells, extractions, re-balancing, layering of different preparations specific for your skin needs, follow by a mask, finishing with a moisturizing sunscreen. Included is a warm mitt hand treatment. 1 hr.


Body Polish:  Gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells followed by application of body moisturizer. Your skin will be hydrated and glowing! Aids in promoting healthy cell growth. Seasonal treatments may be available. 1/2 hr.


A natural therapy, ear candling softens ear wax and increases energy flow.   Hearing becomes sharper, sinus are able to drain and flow freely.

Single- $30.00

Double- $55.00

4-Layer Repechage Seaweed Facial:  Rich in vitamins and minerals, the 4-layer is perfect for promoting circulation and hydrating and nourishing the skin. 1 1/4 hr.


Skin Care Treatments

Signature Facial: This is our signature facial- you will love it. It is similar to the therapeutic, but in addition you get extra pampering such as; a face and décolleté~ (neck /upper chest) massage along with a heated mitt/bootie foot treatment. 1 1/4 hr.


Facial & Body Waxing

​Body Wrap:  
Our wraps leave your skin energized, hydrated & glowing. For toning, choose the Cactus Wrap, using Farmhouse Fresh products.

 $80.00 1Hr Toning

Skin Therapy

Hot Stone Massage-    75 Minutes- $ 110.00        90 Minutes- $145.00

Massage-  Swedish / Deep Tissue / Sports Massage            
60 Minutes- $75.00  Duo 60 Minutes $150.00  Duo 90 Minutes- $220.00
90 Minutes- $110.00                          
2 Hours- $140.00                                 

Facial Peels:  TCA, Lactic and Salicylic (20) minutes


Add-on to facial  $20

The ultimate in relaxation, we offer Swedish, Deep tissue, Reflexology, and Hot Stone Massage. Heated, smooth stones are placed beneath and on the body, accompanied by the massage with oils and smooth heated stones, relaxing tight muscles at the deepest level. Massage strengthens the immune system, activates the body's healing responses, detoxifies the body, and decreases the effects of stress. Duo massages available

Yvette Sanfilippo

Licensed Aesthetician

(530) 519-2974.


Ear Candling

This is a temporary method of hair removal using gently warmed honey wax.  Popular areas of removal are eyebrows, upper lip, basic bikini, underarms and half and full legs.

Eyebrow design and maintenance - $15.00

Upper Lip- $15.00                                 Full leg $50; with bikini-$60.00

Cheeks-$15.00                                        Bikini(basic) - $20.00

Jawline- $15.00                                       Underarms- $20.00

Chin- $15.00                                              Full Arm- $40.00 & up 

Full Face- $30.00                                     1/2 Arm - $25.00      

Brows & Upper Lip-$25.00                1/2 Upper leg- $40.00

1/2 Lower Leg- $35.00                          Toes $15           

 Hands & Fingers $20.00                       Back & Chest- $ 50.00 & up