The ultimate in relaxation, we offer Swedish, Deep tissue, Reflexology, and Hot Stone Massage. Heated, smooth stones are placed beneath and on the body, accompanied by the massage with oils and smooth heated stones, relaxing tight muscles at the deepest level. Massage strengthens the immune system, activates the body's healing responses, detoxifies the body, and decreases the effects of stress. Duo massages available

Certified Massage Therapy

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Hot Stone Massage-   

75 Minutes- $ 110.00       

90 Minutes- $145.00

Massage-  Swedish / Deep Tissue / Sports Massage            
60 Minutes- $75.00 

​90 Minutes- $110.00

2 Hours- $140.00   

Duo 60 Minutes- $150.00 

Duo 90 Minutes- $220.00

Foot Reflexology-

​30 Minutes- $50